What is a Home Exchange?


Home exchange is simple! All it takes is an agreement between two households to live in each other’s homes during a set period. The length of the exchange is entirely up to you. Looking to get away for a weekend? Well, exchange your home for a couple of days!

Is all of this free? Absolutely! As a member of the Homeforswap community, we won’t charge you a penny for using our services to find an exchange that is right for you.

Home swapping is truly a unique experience! What makes the experience worthwhile is following the Golden Rule, “Treat others the way you would like to be treated.” Mutual trust is what keeps this service alive and we expect all of our members to treat each other’s homes as their own. It is important to keep in mind that you are not only receiving a free cozy stay, but you are also building a strong relationship with another community member. Make your guest feel at home! We ask all of our members to properly prepare their home for the stay to ensure the best possible experience.

By registering with Homeforswap.com, we offer you the freedom to explore different countries where your community members live. This is your chance to discover new regions, experience the comfort of a home, and learn about the different cultures within the Homeforswap community in a completely different way. We provide you with the opportunity to live like a local and be your own tour guide.

Wherever the destination may be, take the chance to experience something outside the norm!